What some of our clients have to say:

"I love it and it saves us hours and hours every month. All the teachers love using it too. Highly recommended!!" - Moksha Yoga Hamilton

"Teachers enter their availability and I let the auto scheduler make the first pass and then I manually adjust. Saves me days of work! Plus, teachers get reminders about their classes thru sms and email and they can send swap and cover me requests! Thank you TCS!" -Chicago 105f Yoga

"Great tool and scheduling by spreadsheet is a great feature" -Atona Hamburg Germany

"I love this software!! It saves me so much time and mental space ;-)" -Hot Yoga Miami

"I love it and its cost is quite reasonable...this software has freed up my email and calendar. That is a huge relief and TCS handles teacher requests and coverage. Very cool!" -Hot Yoga Evanston

"TCS been one of the most time and stress saving tools I've used in our studio in over 10 years. Trying to create a schedule for two studios and over 70 classes a week used to be a nightmare. This scheduling software makes it simple and easy. Thanks." -Bikram Yoga Dallas

"TCS makes one of the most time consuming yet critical tasks of operating my business as easy as it could!" -True Yoga New Haven